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Played this demo on my channel a little while back. I've been looking forward to the full release ever since I made it a drinking game. Love this and Can't wait to show it off!

Hey there! Thanks for your video! And apologies for the delayed followup - these weeks have been crazy! Working to make Protocol looks awesome! Have a nice day from AI ;)

No worries, Just waiting for the final release so I can Showcase this game. I love the concept of it so much that I've been talking about it for a while with my friends. I can't wait until I can hop back in and finish this game. Keep up the epic work!

Thank you! Nice to hear that :) we work hard on the game and  will try to release it in the first half of November this year

Tried to play in VR and ended up inside the floor :( is this an issue with rift support or with my settings?

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tries to load in oculus vr every time i load it up and cant play /:

This demo is have only HTC Vive support, however the released game will definitely have an Oculus support. The good news is the demo is playable on PC, so maybe you could still try it.

Yes, we know about that. The demo has only HTC Vive support, however the released game will have both HTC Vive and Oculus :)

Just tried out the demo and I like where you're trying to go with this! I think  the real test will be what happens after the assistant is created to see how you balance adding an NPC to the mix so things don't start to feel busy or messy, like having too much dialogue or interruptions. I love the main character's voice, by the way!

My main feedback is to tighten up the interactive elements so clicking and other actions register more quickly and cleanly. Also to maybe add a zoom mechanic when picking up objects and documents to make them easier to read or examine if possible. 

I hope as the game progresses that things get more difficult and require more abstract thought, but keep in mind that the harder you screw gamers over by having the game end whenever they "violate protocol", the better the content of the game needs to be to make it worth jumping back into it and the more mindful the checkpoints should be. So far you're on the right track. Good luck with development!

Wow! Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback and the video :) Really appreciate that! And will definitely mind your suggestions.  (Side note, the name of our VO Artist is Michael Neeb. And yes, we love him too :) 

I hope this game could able to run on 32bit PC someday .

BTW this game is very cool.

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Thanks for saying that! We appreciate that a lot :)

I really like this game.. It's so frustrating but I guess it's designed to be :D 


Thanks for the video! Btw, you were almost there! 5 more minutes and that's it. P.S In the finished version playing will be less frustrating - we polished the demo and fixed the bugs ;)

unity OR UE4 ???



I'm sorry but unity is better! UE4 has amazing graphics and unity can to if you put a ton of work into it but my preference as a programer is that unity is better!

i never tried UE4 but its graphics looks fantastic,  i'll  definitely gonna try it one time

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?


A Linux version would be great indeed.

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Hi there! We didn't plan to make a Linux version, but we might consider that. Thanks for the suggestion!

I'll take any hope over none haha. Thanks for being open to the idea.


Updated info! We're actually making the game on Linux and Mac as well, but it's going to be after the game is released on Windows. 

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That is awesome news. I don't mind waiting if need be. If you run into any issues I would look up Ryan C Gordon, he ports games to Linux and receives most of his funding from Patreon so he can sometimes port for free or close to it.


Looks nice, but a demo would be cool!

Now you can download the demo.